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Centered around people, stories and learning, my biggest goal on stage is to deliver thought-provoking, inspiring and educational stories. A few things I've learned and incorporated from my experience giving TEDx Talks and other keynotes:

  • It’s not about you (the speaker). It’s never about you. You’re merely a messenger. It’s all about the audience and the value you can deliver to them from stage.

  • Don't hang out on stage just for the sake of it. Shorter keynotes often deliver stronger message and stay in the minds and hearts of the audience.

  • Focus on single most important thought throughout the entire keynote (from start to finish). Speeches with a focused message are the ones that eventually have the highest impact on the audience.


I customize keynote's content, style, duration and vibe for every single occasion based on your needs. Topics I am most passionate about and competent in:


  • Entrepreneurship & Startups (e.g. Lean Thinking)

  • Immigration & Diversity (e.g. Reinvention)

  • Growth Hacking & Marketing (e.g. Experimentation culture)

Andreas Ekström

Journalist. Speaker of the year in Sweden 2019. Author of seven books. Educator for digital equality.

Yuliya had me at hello. Her life story is something out of the ordinary, and she is wise way beyond her years. I can't wait to see in what way she will change her world next. Because it's not "if", it's "when".

Donna Kivirauma

CEO at VirtualTraveller.

Advisor. Serial entrepreneur.

Yuliya is one of those rare talents that if you are lucky enough to work with her then you are gifted beyond all expectations. The last time I heard her speak in person she moved me to tears. She always delivers her message with power and passion.

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