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I did my YKI test in 2018 receiving the highest score. Ever since, I've helped 10+ of my friends to understand YKI test structure. 

YKI is not only about the language skills, but also preparing for specific tasks the test will throw at you. I don't teach the language (for that, please join professional schools like OnnenKieli), but I did create a short and simple guide to YKI, that describes the test structure and offers some practical tips solely based on MY experience preparing for and doing YKI test. 

I LOVE YKI TEST! No jokes. It's an amazing test because, unlike many other language tests, it actually examines your ability to survive in the basic life situations in Finland. Every exercise makes sense. 

An important change of mindset when studying for YKI:

Don't study for the test, study for life. 

Good luck ,friends!

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