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Growth Marketer by day, Public Speaker by night


We are at the tipping point

We are at the tipping point. In the era of rapid shifts, tech leaps, self-searching and reinvention, change is the only constant. I want to be a part of this ongoing change. I want to help build a new generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and human-beings, advocating for diversity, growth and active citizenship. 


I've adapted a "Growth hacker by day, Public Speaker by night" slogan taken from the cliche superhero stories, where alter ego is donned by heroes and villains of the modern day. I believe we all wear many different hats to juggle this rapidly changing world, to adapt an experimentation culture, to create the biggest impact where and when it matters the most.  


To create that impact on my community, society and the future, over the years I've collected experiences, failures and victories, learnings and stories from working with and coaching startups, entrepreneurs, international talents, students, Europe-wide projects and companies. These experiences, multiplied by my passions and aspirations, resulted in a creation of a new career path - public speaking and coaching. 


Through my work, I facilitate change and growth searching for efficient and creative ideas that address and solve real-world problems of companies and people around me. As a digital marketer, startup coach and a storyteller, I'm deeply passionate about new tech, entrepreneurship and the culture of rapid experimentation.


My keynotes, workshops and coaching sessions are aimed at helping teams and individuals adapt to the changing times, whether it is by improving their digital identity, promoting their business ideas, educating themselves on immigration or shaping their goals, brand and vision. More about that in the "work" section of this page. Times on- and off-stage led me to refining, redefining and reinventing my work to serve the most urgent needs of people and companies today. I write and speak about growth hacking, startup pitching, personal branding, immigration stories and more. 

I am an immigrant, I am a woman, I am a mother. I am also a published poet, twice TEDx speaker, a martial artist and a Tamperelainen. 
Made in Kazakhstan, settled in Finland (sisu and all).

Thank you for visiting my page - let's be a part of ongoing change together!


Talks that changed

my life.




Entrepreneurship and startups (e.g. Lean Thinking), Immigration & Diversity, Growth Hacking & Marketing are my biggest passions combined with years of experience, lots of learning and stories.


I love working with teams and companies through the hands-on and interactive workshops and trainings. Each workshop session is a new mini-project built/customized for your needs and wishes.


In the past years, I've hosted 50+ events across various industries and countries. Facilitating an engaging dialogue on stage and making it a unique and fun experience for both, speakers and the audience, is my true passion.


Through my work with various startup accelerators and projects, I've coached 80+ companies on startup- and investor pitching from content and value proposition to slide deck creation and stage performance practice.


“Yuliya had me at hello. Her life story is something out of the ordinary, and she is wise way beyond her years. I can't wait to see in what way she will change her world next.”​


Andreas Ekström

Journalist. Speaker of the year in Sweden. Author of eight books. Educator for digital equality


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